About Us

Shisha Aficionados provides hookah catering and services in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV). We offer quality products , brands, and services to its clients, by providing a unique entertainment experience. Shisha Aficionados will meet its clients’ needs by bringing the hookah experience to locations of the clients’ choosing to include residential (private parties, cook outs, pool parties, etc.) and commercial locations (clubs, lounges, stadiums, etc.). We have over seven years of experience in preparing and smoking hookah.

At Shisha Aficionados we provide a full range of Hookah pipes and an assortment of flavors. We offer premium and exotic shisha flavors to include our own house blends that you will not find anywhere else. In addition to ice water in the base we also offer premium bases that may include milk, wine, beer liquor or juice.  In addition we offer non-traditional fruit bowls (oranges, apples, and pineapples. All of which when paired correctly with the right shisha will taking your smoking experience to the next level.

“Once you smoke with Shisha2u there is no turning back. Our premium hookah blends are the best.”

― Come see for yourself