Kaloud Lotus Hookah Bowl Heat Management

In an attempt to always try to find ways to get the best smoking experience possible we decided to try out the Kaloud Lotus hookah bowl heat management device. As you know when smoking hookah it is key to have good heat distribution. This means having fresh coals free of ash and the movement of coals around the hookah bowl to ensure that you get a nice even burn.

One of the great things about this device is that once you place the coals into the chamber the heat produced is evenly spread across your hookah bowl. Another benefit is that the ash from the coal does not fall into your fresh flavorful shisha bowl. Traditional hookah bowls that are covered with foil or metal covers can allow the ash to fall into your shisha this altering the taste can causing your hookah session to end prematurely or forcing you to change the shisha a lot sooner. One word of caution is to mindful that this device will heat up, so use caution once you are ready to change out the shisha. All in all this is the perfect device for those that do not want to worry themselves with wrapping their bowl in foil and punching holes as a part of the set up process.

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