Kaloud: Samsaris Vitria Hookah Bowl

In our search to find the perfect hookah bowl we came across the Kaloud Samsaris Vitria®, better known as the world’s first Silcone-Glass Hybrid Bowl. After a few uses the group agreed that this was a great bowl. Its design made packing the bowl very easy. With most bowls the air flow holes are at the bottom of the bowl. Often times when we used tobacco that was very juicy the residue and sometimes the tobacco would drip and fall down the stem of the hookah and ultimately end up in the base. This bowl allows us to allows all of the flavor to remain in the bowl and produce a better smoking experience and will definitely extend your smoking session. This is a great bowls for smokers that enjoy a juicy tobacco such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher and Fumari just to name a few.

The material of the bowl allows the smoker to quickly and safely change the dead of the bowl. With most the heat from the coals will heat the ceramic and clay bowls leave the bowl hot to the touch. One of the issues we ran into after a big party or an event was the risk of breaking bowls. As you know clay bowls when hot can break easily. This can also be the case when someone accidently knocks over your hookah. The last benefit of this bowl is that a plastic/rubber grommet is not necessarily required. This is an added benefit when it comes time to pack and store your hookah.


We all agree that the look and design of this hookah bowl would be a great addition for any smoker and it makes preparation of a great bowl that much easier. Check back for additional reviews on everything hookah. Please feel free to submit any request or questions that you may have at info@shisha2u.com



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