Recommend Hookah Etiquette

The Shisha2U crew has been asked more times than we can count as to what is the proper way to smoke hookah. Below are some of the things that we have picked up over the last ten years. Disclaimer in no way shape or form are we saying that this list is the end all be all but it gives you a glimpse at what we found it.

  • Always ask to join
  • Whoever sets up the hookah typically gets the first hit
  • Whoever maintains the coal typically gets the second hit
  • Use a plastic mouthpiece (do not smoke with others if you are sick)
  • Take 2-3 puffs and pass the hose to the left (clockwise)
  • Typically you should smoke with your right hand as in some cultures the left hand can be seen as unclean and offensive
  • If you are smoking with a multi hose you should plug your hose and wait until the person is done before you take a hit
  • When passing to the next smoker fold the hose with the tip pointing towards yourself
  • Never use to the coal to light anything else (i.e. cigarettes)
  • Do not put any trash in the tray (i.e. cigarette ashes, wrappers, etc.)
  • When you are done smoking wrap the hose around the shaft. This will signal that you are finished

If you have additional suggestions we would love to hear them. Check back for additional reviews on everything hookah. Please feel free to submit any request or questions that you may have at

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